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Phangnga Bay

(James Bond Island)

James Bond Island is a famous attraction in Phang Nga Bay National park for scenic views of limestone cliffs rising over the sea. A popular activity visiting their interior lagoons (known as hong) by canoe.

Similan Island

Earth Located In The Andaman Sea

Similan Island or Koh Similan is one of the best-known for the eleven paradises on earth located in the Andaman Sea. They're world famous for their scuba diving spots and pristine beaches.

Surin Island

Mu Koh Surin National Park

The Surin Island is in Mu Koh Surin National Park. an archipelago of five islands in the Andaman Sea which is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand, stunning beaches and pristine reefs.

Khao Lak Bamboo Rafting

Wonderful Natural Attractions

Bamboo rafting is a new way of exploring wonderful natural attractions. You can take it easy, sit and let a local paddler take you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the tropical rain forest and the river.

Sri Phang Nga National Park

There Are Numerous Hills

tropical floras, different species of fauna and birds, waterfalls. Interesting Attractions within the National Park: Namtok Tamnang, Namtok Ton Ton Toei, Namtok Suan Mai

Koh Prathong

Located In The Andaman Sea

It’s also one of the best bird watching destinations in Thailand - one of the last remaining places on earth to see an endangered lesser adjutant stork in the wild.

Koh Khai

Small Beautiful Island

Koh Khai Nok is a small beautiful Island in Phang Nga Bay consist of a rocks, white sand and clear water, around the island you can snorkeling and you can catch some rays on the white sand beach.